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Caring Transitions: Your Trusted Provider

 January 2016

Caring Transitions®:  Your Trusted Provider

By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

With over 160 offices, Caring Transitions® is the nation’s largest provider of relocation services, downsizing, estate sales and online auctions. As the “biggest and best,” we take the responsibility of our Baby Boomer clients and their aging parents quite seriously.

We operate in an industry that is fraught with scam artists and ever-shifting market prices, both which leave clients vulnerable to fraud as they navigate the many steps required to relocate, downsize or close a family home.   For this reason, we have taken a number of steps to try and protect our clients, their finances, and their belongings.  What is it that makes us the right choice?

Caring Transitions® Training

First and foremost, each Caring Transitions® owner brings their unique set of skills and experience to their local business, as well as a desire to use those skills to help the local consumer.   Above and beyond their personal passion and qualifications, each owner is expected to do much more to better serve their clients.  Our offices are required to attend a corporate training program, complete on-site training with our best offices in various locations around the country, take over 20 hours of online training modules, attend monthly webinars, and semi-annual conferences. In addition, each office receives ongoing support from our highly qualified field operations staff and can rely on the experience, input and advice from fellow owners of our over 160 offices. 

Industry Certification

Every office is also required to complete industry certification training and examination.  The independently administered Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS®) credential has been an industry standard since 2004.  Designed to meet national certification standards with oversight by the National Certification Board for Alzheimer’s Care (NCBAC), the CRTS® certification exam tests individual comprehension of relocation and liquidation services, household evaluations, client communications and issues specific to older adult clients and their families. This includes topics such as working with memory impaired clients, coping with complex family dynamics, helping to mitigate stress and managing hoarding and clutter addiction behaviors.  Each office also maintains Professional and General Liability insurance and an employee bond.  All of these pieces are in place to ensure proper protection of our clients and to minimize risk.

Employee Standards

Since it “takes a village” to manage multiple estate sales, auctions and relocations in any single location, Caring Transitions® offices are typically comprised of  professional “teams,”  all of whom play a role in the day-to-day operations. Each team member, or employee, is trained and subject to background screening. We use regular W2 employees and protect them, as well as our clients, with sound service agreements and worker’s compensation.

A Total Solution Provider

With such high standards, Caring Transitions® can offer 100% of its relocation, move management, estate sale and online auction services to a client in their own home.  This means we do not need to place our clients at risk by outsourcing our core services to third parties.  In the case of related services, such as real estate and moving trucks, we take steps to vet all resources and can recommend the most reliable local partners. For our clients, this means they may always rely on Caring Transitions® as the single point of contact for all their relocation needs and can always expect the same consistent, high quality services coast-to-coast.     

Leading the Industry

With our breadth of experience and scope of services, the Caring Transitions® system has developed tools to make the entire home transitions process better for consumers and their families.  The “CT Accelerator” offers digital estimates for move management and decluttering services. This allows Caring Transitions® to provide immediate, onsite estimates and tailor projects to specific household budgets.   The “Caring Transitions Online Auctions” platform offers all our clients an alternative solution to professional estate sales. CT Online Auctions, as it is known, is a fast-growing segment of our business and draws large buying audiences. It is particularly useful to those with unique items for sale, clients who live in gated communities, desire a higher level of privacy, or those who reside in areas of extreme seasonal weather. 

Always “Caring”

No matter how fast we grow or how big we get, the main objective of each individually owned office is to identify and perform the services that will best support you through every one of your home transition challenges!

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